The Integrated Meditation and Yoga Program (iMAY Thrive) at NY-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center is an evidence-based, therapeutic mind-body program designed specifically for adult cancer patients undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to help manage the various physical and psychological side effects of the disease and its treatment, enhance quality o life, and improve clinical outcome.

The Program aims to integrate scientifically proven protocols from the field of mind-body medicine into the clinical oncology setting to empower patients across the cancer care continuum with a customized portfolio of safe and effective non-pharmacologic interventions to practice at home to self-manage stress and improve functional ability.

Designed by Leigh Leibel, founder of Ashta Yoga, working under the direction of the Division of Hematology Oncology, the iMAY Thrive curriculum emphasizes the meditative arts, conscious breathing exercises, restorative relaxation, and gently physical movement. Instruction is customized to the individual and may be given one-on-one during the chemotherapy infusion or in a private setting using cushioned yoga mats or chairs.

This is a free wellness program open to all cancer patients and survivors treated at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center and their support persons. Take a deep breath and Thrive!







The Inspiration!  Patient artwork decorating the walls of the Chemotherapy Infusion Center at Columbia University Medical Center.